Welcome to Deepti Air Systems & Fabricators Pvt. Ltd.

M/s. Deepti Airsystems and Fabricators Pvt Ltd was incorporated under Company's Act 1956 in 1988. Before 1988 we were doing our all activities under the banner of M/s. Deepti Airsystems and Fabricators Pvt Ltd .

In Business for over 3 decades. the customer's base has grown in many ways. It has not only grown in size but also in the depth of awareness of providing the best services and strong relationship with the customer that lasts for the full life of the product and beyond.

Mainly to manufacture, install and commission Air Pollution control equipments. We are also in the field of manufacturing chemical equipments such as reaction vessels, effluent treatment plants etc. We can also manufacture equipments on design as per customer’s needs.

Technical Details

Rotary Positive Blowers are approved by leading consultants confirming to BS: 1571 Impellers are machined on imported milling machine from one piece fine grain iron castings. Strong Shafts of high carbon Steel are carefully turned and fitted into impellers. Timing gears are cut from solid blanks and generated on the finest precision equipment. Every blower is tested and operated before release, to assure good operating condition and trouble free service.

Special Features :

  • Power economy - develope only sufficient pressure to overcome system resistance.
  • No internal contact of moving parts.
  • No surging at reduced capacities.
  • Positive air displacement.
  • Fewer moving parts - no springs, valves or vanes to wear.
  • Parts interchangeable on same size models.
  • Oil - free air delivery.
  • High volumetric efficiency.
  • Compact
  • Low mechanical friction - minimizes power losses.
  • Optimum sizes and ratings.
  • No special, expensive, custom-built equipment is needed.

Available accessories include relief valve, inlet Filter, check valve, extended base, V-belt drive,flexible couplings.

DEEPTI: Blowers are designed and build with close tolerances between the impeller, casing and head plates to minimize "back - slippage" of air and improve efficiency.

The basic DEEPTI rotary blower consists of the figure-eight shaped impellers mounted on parallel shafts. These shafts rotate in opposite directions within an elongated cylindrical housing. As each impeller lobe passes the inlet,the impeller traps a constant volume of air, carries it around the case, and dischanges it at the outlet. This cycle repeats four times with every revolution of the drive shaft.

The DEEPTI blower is a positive displacement machine which dischanged a constant volume, Pressure is not development inside the blower, but by the demand of the system. Discharge, pressure, therefore, varies to meet the system's load conditions(Pressure and flow). Volume is nearly constant with pressure fluctuations, except for a slight increase in slip as the pressure rises. Horsepower is proportional to pressure. The characteristics of the Universal RAI make it deal for direct connected or v-belt driven low pressure and vaccume applications.