Company Profile :

M/s. Deepti Airsystems and Fabricators Pvt Ltd was incorporated under Company's Act 1956 in 1988. Before 1988 we were doing our all activities under the banner of M/s. Deepti Airsystems and Fabricators Pvt Ltd.

In Business for over 3 decades. the customer's base has grown in many ways. It has not only grown in size but also in the depth of awareness of providing the best services and strong relationship with the customer that lasts for the full life of the product and beyond.

Nature of Business :

Mainly to manufacture, install and commission Air Pollution control equipments. We are also in the field of manufacturing chemical equipments such as reaction vessels, effluent treatment plants etc. We can also manufacture equipments on design as per customer’s needs.

Our Pollution Control Equipments used for:

  • Boiler Plant: Fly Ash Dust Collection System with Multi Cone type Dust Collection, (FLYASH ARRESTOR) I.D.& F.D.Fans.
  • Powder Coating: Powder recovery system by Cyclone, Multi Cone etc.
  • Liquid Painting Booths: Centrifugal Blower and ducting.
  • Cement Plant: Fans, Recovery systems etc.
  • Laboratories: Dust Collector for tableting machine, medium Pressure Fans, S.S. ducting and Ventilations System, Scrubbers.
  • Sugar Mill Plant: I.D.& F.D Fans, Fly Ash Arrestor, Heat Exchangers, and Ventilation Systems.
  • Textile Plants: Humidification Plant, Man Coolers and Fans.
  • Steel Plants: High temperature fans, Recirculation fans, Man Coolers etc.
  • Paper Mill Plant: Ventilation System, I.D. & F.D. Fans.
  • Water Treatment Plant: High Pressure Fans.
  • Sewage Plant: Aeration Blower high pressure range. (Turbine Blowers) & Ventilation fans.
  • Fertilizer Plant: Fans for Ventilation & Fumes Exhaust System, Scrubbers.
  • Automobile Industries: (1) Ventilation System (Fresh Air Supply) (2) Fumes Exhaust System.
  • Refrigeration Industries: Axial Flow Fans & High Volume Low Pressure Blowers.

Over and above our main ranges of products are :

We manufacture our products as per specification and application of our customer’s requirements. Material of Construction M.S.,S.S.,P.P.,F.R.P.,M.S./FRP, M.S.Rubber lining, Brass and also done as per specification. We have fully equipped fabrication workshop with Ample Power Supply and processing machineries, testing equipments, Dynamic balancing machine etc.