Rotary Positive Blowers are approved by leading consultants confirming to BS:1571 Imellers are machined on imported milling machine from one piece fine grain iron castings. Strong Shafts of high carbon Steel are carefully turned and fitted into impellers. Timing gears are cut from solid blanks and generated on the finest precsion equipment. Every blower is tested and operated before release, to assure good operating condition and trouble free services.

Rotary Positive Blowers are being widly used in various Cement, Steel, Chemical, Food, Sugar, Process Industries, Major Water Treatment Plants, Distillery Units, Electroplating Plants & Other Industries. It is available in wide ranging capacities.


  • Power economy - develope only sufficient pressure to overcome system resistance.
  • No internal contact of moving parts.
  • No Surging at reduced capacities.
  • Positive air displacement.
  • Fewer moving parts - no spring, valves or vanes to wear.
  • Parts interchangeable on same size models.
  • Oil - free air delivery.
  • Hight volumetric efficiency.
  • Compact
  • Low mechanical friction - minimizes power losses.
  • Optimum sizes and ratings.
  • No special, expensive, custom-built equipment is needed.


Avialable accessories include relief valve,inlet Filter, check valve, extended base, V-belt drive, flexible couplings.


Blowers are designed and built with close tolerances between the impeller, casing and head plates to minimize "back - slippage" of air and improve efficiency.


The basic Deepti rotary blower consists of two figure-eight shaped impellers mounted on parallel shafts. These shafts rotate in opposite directions within an elongated cylindrical housing. As each impeller lobe passes the inlet, the impeller traps a constant volume of air, carries the case, and discharges it at the outlet. This cycle repeats four times with every revolution of the drive shaft.


The Deepti blower is a positive displacement machime which which discharges a constant volume, Pressure is not development inside the blower, but by the demand of the system. Discharge, pressure, therefore, varies to meet the system's load conditions(Pressure and flow) . Volume is nealry constant with pressure fluctuations, except for a slight increase in slip as the pressure rises. Horsepower is proportional to pressure. The characteristics of the Universal RAI make it deal for direct connected or v-belt driven low pressure and vaccuum applications.





1.Ratings based on standard air temp. 68F Atmospheric Pressure 14.7 psi and Specific Gravity 1.0
2.Conversions 1m3/HR=0.59 CFM,10000MMWG = 14.7PSI =1.KG/CM2
3.For pressures beyond 10 PSIG water cooled bloweds are recommended. Contact for details.
4.All specifications subject to change without notice.


PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION: These blowers consist of a dynamically balanced impeller which revolves in a startor-cum-compression chamber having very fine clearances between them. The impeller is fitted directly on to the motor shaft. Both the suction and pressure openings are located on the outer periphery of the stator to reduce impedance to the air flow thereby development vaccume and pressure. Since the impeller rotates with no contact between itself and the casing, there is no wear and tear and requires no lubrication. Application: Manufacturing of textiles, Measuring, medical and laboratory equipment , printing and paper handling, vacuum packaging,waste water treatment, Reprograhphics Industry, Aerating of fluids, pneumatic conveying, Plastic industry, industrial ovens, vacuum cleaners, air pollution monitoring equipment.


  • Suction and discharge Silencers: Reduces noise levels to below OSHA standards. Make it more comfortable for employees working near the blowers.
  • Die Cast impeller:Promotes smoother air flow and higher volumetric efficiency.
  • Dynamically balanced impeller: Smothher opration allows vibration-free installaton in OEM equipment.
  • Double shielded shaft bearing : Better grease retention,Increased reliability .
  • Proof seal : Protects bearing from contaminants for longer life.
  • Moter shaft - mounted impeller : Eliminated the need for couplings, belts or gear , Nothing to break or wear out.
  • 50Hz. Motors, wide voltage range: Minimize OEM inventory requirements.
  • Improved cooling fan design: Cools the motor and blower. Quieter running and more efficient.
  • Thermal protector built-in: Protects the motor from overheating for greater reliability.
  • Compact design: Space saving design makes it easier for OEM to incorporate the blower into their equipment.
  • Removable threaded flanges: Easily replacement in OEM equipment.

Below Chart motors are in 300 RPM

Note: Since improvements are made from time to time, dimensions and specification are subject to change without previous notice.



Deepti Axial Flow Fans meet the requiremwnt of the general venrilating and air condition field, where many combustions of air volume and pressure are required. These fans are generally available in size 12" to 66" with air handling capacities ranging from 1000CFM to 66000 CFM and operating pressure of 1/4 to 6" water gauge static pressure.

Casing: Casing covers the overall length motor and the impeller. It is fabricated from mild steel plates with foot mounting arrangement to facilitate installing of fan on the ground. At external terminal box is provided (except for flameproof motors) and casing has one inspection door.

Impeller: Impeller is of aerofoil section, cast in aluminium alloy, dynamically balanced.

Motors: The standard A.C. Motors are totally enclosed squireel cage induction type, suitable for ambient temperatures up to 40C. Flameproof, vapour tight and other motor can be supplied on request.

Bearings: Ball or ball and eoller bearing are fitted as standard.

Driving Arrangement:

These fans are run either with direct drive arrangement of V-Belt drive arrangement. In case of direct drive arrangement, impeller and motor are both housed inside casing and impeller is directly mounted on motor shaft extension. In case or V-Belt drive arrangement impeller is mounted on a separate shaft supported on two ball bearings and plummer blocks inside casing. The motor is mounted on outer side of casing and shaft is drive with V-Belts.

Ancillary Equipment: The following ancillary equipments availble for all sizes of fans coned inlets, wire guards, dampers, marching flanges, anti-vibration mountings and canvas connections.

Hot Air and Gas Application:

The standard construction of Deepti Tube Axial Type Fans is suitable for air and gas up to a temperature of 65 C. For temperatures between 65 C and 150 C these fans are made of V-Belt type arrangement and are equipped with special high temperature lubricated ball bearings.