Combustion Blowers Manufacturers in India

Combustion Blowers

High pressure air utilization will need Combustion Blowers, width of fan and inlet outlet sizes will be minimum proportionately. These fans will be driven by either direct motor / motor coupled with shaft / V belt drive. We manufacture these type of fans in M>S., S.S., Aluminium, C.I. Casting PVC fabricated and in special coatings (FRP & Rubber). We are one of the recognized combustion blowers manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India having situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Range : 1 / 10 H.P. - 75 H.P. (500 cfm to 600 cfm and 1/2" W.G. Pr. to 50" W.G.Pr.)

Capacity: 500 CFM to 15000 CFM & Pressure: 5"
to 60"W.G.Pr.